About SR news (read first!)

SR news is a fictional newspaper taking place in a sort-of-realistic but imaginary world around Edmonton, AB. In this world are humans, coexisting with a strange animals called rockmen. Rockmen greatly resemble human fists, can talk, and are quite smart. But not as smart as people. They tend to be rude and primitive, too. SR news includes a number of “mini-countries”  that fight for land. Some resemble countries like Canada or the USA, while others are extremely weird. (like Groinland and the Republic of Moist!)

One more thing, things change fast in these mini-countries! They are always at risk of destruction from anything like the Canadian police force, other mini-countries becoming more successful than them, or armies of rockmen killing them. It is definitely “survival of the fittest!”

Enjoy. These newspapers are published more or less weekly. I hope you find them funny!

-Azure James

Here’s a more detailed introduction:

A brief description of the mini-countries existing on January 15, 2012:   (in one of the first issues)

The Southern Republic (a.k.a: The South, The South Republic)

Size: Medium     Population: 192     Government Style: Like an American city with a Senate and Mayor

Army type: Well-trained, rather large

Allied with Groinland and the Republic of Moist. Most “normal” mini-country. Ruling political party resembles the Republican party in the USA. Located in a mix of farmland and industrial areas.


Size: Small     Population: 98     Government style: Semi-anarchy with a few policemen and a President

Army type: Every citizen can hold their own, no real army

Allied with the Southern Republic. Constantly talks about groins and vulgar topics. A gross, primitive country. Located on top of buildings in industrial areas.

The Republic of Moist

Size: Very small     Population: 28     Government style: Small peaceful community with a President     No army

Allied with the Southern republic. Obsessed with water and humidity, which there isn’t too much of. Located in a public park.

The Dictatorship of Goddanged (formerly of Disguster, before he died)

Size: Large     Population: 83     Government style: Military dictatorship     Every citizen is in the Army

Very aggressive. No morals. Evil.


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