Pre-history of the S.R world

Since this website was launched several months after the South Republic was founded, it is important to give some pre-history of why only the South Republic and no other “directional” countries exist. Here’s that story:

The South Republic isn’t the only “normal” mini-country. In fact, there were originally Southern, Western, Eastern, and Northern countries! The Westerners were like cowboys. Naturally, they were greatly weakened by thieves and robbers. Seeing that the Westerners were weakened, the combative and evil Easterners started a war with the Westerners. The Easterners won at first, but their major downfall occured when they attacked the Southerners in their overconfidence.

Although the South is usually peaceful, they got very mad when the East raided them.  Now, the East had to deal with both the Westerners and the Southerners! The two of them formed an alliance and were very skilled together. They destroyed the East within a few weeks.

The West realized their best chance of survival (since they hardly had any citizens left because of fighting Easterners) was to join up with the South. Shortly after that, the newly-expanded South threatened the North with violence, to which the North said: “You guys seem like you’d be better allies then enemies. We don’t even have an army, so I guess we’ll peacefully integrate with you.” The North did get lucky, because they probably would have also been killed off if they’d decided to fight with the Southerners.

So that’s how the Southerners ended up being the only mini-country with a “directional” name. (and why the Easterners are dead!) Even though the North and West still exist, there are few Westerners and the Northerners are not much different than Southerners.


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