Official “Murderball” rules:

This is a disturbing “sport” invented by Groinland. Too bad someone had to invent it.

Murderball Rules of Officialness:

Index: 1. Players 2. Roles  3. Rules 4. Special rules

1. Players

Each team in Murderball will have at least 5 players and 2 reserves. More reserves are recommended because players will often die. Each team must have three fielders, a Thrower, and a Hitter.

There is also at least 1 Ref on the field at a time.

2. Roles

Fielders will try to catch the Thrower when the Hitter hits him and sends him flying. If they succeed, no points are given in that round.

Throwers run towards the Hitter. They also try to take the bat from the Hitter. If they succeed and beat on the Hitter, the Thrower’s team gets a point. Beat-downs cannot last more than 5 seconds, or the point will be nullified.

Hitters try to hit Throwers. If they succeed, they get a point. (unless the Thrower is caught by Fielders)

3. Other Rules

The first team to get 5 points wins the game.

There will be no fighting except that involving the Thrower and Hitter.

If a Hitter murders a Thrower or knocks him unconscious, and yells “Murderball!” he gets 2 points. If a Thrower disarms a Hitter and murders him with the Hitter’s bat, (also shouting Murderball!) the Throwers team gets 2 points.

If a member of a team runs away from the diamond, their team loses a point.

If a player hits a Ref, they will be thrown out of the league.

If a Ref hits a player, they will be yelled at.

If a player hits a Fielder, there will no penalty and no benefit. However, the other Fielders are allowed to beat up the person hitting them. (which is an exception of the “no fighting” rule)

4. Equipment

Hitter: The hitter uses a special bat made for shooting people into the sky. It is usually made of titanium. The bat cannot weigh more than one pound.

Thrower: The thrower wears plastic and sponge armor so he doesn’t get injured every time he gets hit.

Fielders: Fielders wear regular clothes, but are required to dress at least partly like bodybuilders.

5. Timing

Each game consists of 2 halves. Each half consists of 5 plays. So, the total game consists of 10 plays.

6. League structure and Prizes

Teams will play each other is an elimination-style way. After every game, they are allowed to change one player. Once there are only two teams left, they will face off in the Murderbowl. The team that wins the Murderbowl gets a trophy.

(Please do not play this game. It is for entertainment only!)


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