S.R news timeline of events (auto-updates)

Since there are already so many articles of S.R news, I thought it would be a good idea to summarize all the events that have happened since January. (which is a lot! The South Republic world moves quickly!)

January 2012

|  Dictatorship of Disguster massacred by Canadian Police.

|  Bob’s Fun Club and Republic of Moist are established.

| Dictatorship of Goddanged replaces Dictatorship of Disguster, and is even worse!!

| Name of newspaper changed from GLSR news to SR news.

| Dictatorship of Goddanged decimates Republic of Moist, only a few survive.

| Kingdom of Crinkle created.

|  Industrial giant Groinland Cutlery Company is established. 

V   Bob’s Fun Club and Kingdom of Crinkle battle.

February 2012

| Kingdom of Crinkle merges into Dictatorship of Goddanged due to damage.

|  Dictatorship of Goddanged loses war!

| South Republic and Groinland expand.

| Period of relative peace.

V Bob’s Fun Club changes to Fred’s Fun Club

March 2012

| Western Heritage event held

| Frank Kelspie wins mayoral election!

| Fred’s Fun Club in state of chaos

| String of murders in the South Republic

| Alcohol legalized in South Republic


April 2012

| Bob’s Fun Club becomes Joe’s Fun Club

| Joe creates new, totalitarian laws

| Several murderers at large

| Groinland plants roses

| Joe’s Fun Club merges w/ Secreter’s Country, becomes Joe’s Secret Club

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