Top Five Rural Wilderness Handguns

Top Five Rural/Wilderness Handguns:

(in my opinion)

If you live in the country, you have different wants and needs for a handgun. For example, a little .380 pocket pistol might work for personal defence in a city, but will not stop a charging bear. Each one of these guns has a different niche, from the ultra long range TC Encore, to the all- purpose Ruger Blackhawk to the powerhouse Glock 21. As a bonus, all these guns are from companies with good reputations for quality, and 4 of 5 are made in the USA. If you have any suggestions or corrections for this list, drop a comment and I’ll listen.


5.   Thompson Center Encore: (.243 cal)  $700

Encore pistols have a reputation for being some of the most accurate off the shelf pistols available. Most of them can shoot one MOA, which is a great standard even for a rifle! That makes them great for “across the field” shots or anyone living in the flat country of the West. The only real problems with Encore pistols are the 15″ barrel, hefty weight, and single shot capacity. They are not exactly good concealed carry or home defence material, but their accuracy is unbeatable for hunting and varmint shooting. The .243 round kicks much less than a .308, but still has more power and the ability to take bigger game than a .223 Remington.

Accuracy- *****  Power- *****  Concealability- *  Reliability- *****


4.  Ruger Redhawk: (.44 mag) $1000

This wheelgun has a 4.2 inch barrel, which makes it a great compromise between a snub gun and a 8″ hand cannon. It is a single action/double action revolver known for being reliable and powerful. Handloaders can usually put hotter loads in a Ruger than other revolvers, making .454 Casull-like power possible in this gun. I would recommend it for personal defence while hunting or hiking in dangerous areas. Other good substitutes include the Smith and Wesson Model 29 and 629.

Accuracy- ***  Power- ****  Concealability- ***  Reliability- ****


3.   Ruger mark III (.22 LR) $390

For small game hunting and target shooting for pennies on the dollar, you can’t beat a .22 pistol. Ruger’s Mark III is known for good accuracy and reasonable price. The larger barrel means you get more velocity and accuracy out of the same round. This gun is a concealable fun gun that can still probably get you out of a tight spot, provided you live in somewhere without huge animals like Colorado or Alaska.

Accuracy- **** Power- * Concealability- *** Reliability- ***


2.   Ruger Blackhawk Convertible: (357 mag and 9mm) $650

Again, Ruger takes the cake. There are a lot of .357 revolvers out there, and I would have chosen a Smith and Wesson if it weren’t for the fact that this revolver can also shoot 9mm ammo. This makes it extremely versatile, since the .357 mag cylinder can shoot .38 Special rounds anyways! There is also a .45 ACP/.45 Colt version for big bore fans. If SHTF, you will always have ammunition for this gun. There are several barrel lengths, but I chose the longest one for the stats below.

Accuracy- **** Power- **** Concealability- *** Reliability- ****

1.   Glock 21: (45 ACP) $550

Glock pistols are some of the most reliable in the world, and .45 ACP is famous for its tolerable recoil, high availibility, and stopping power. That’s why this pistol gets the number one spot. Thirteen round mags are around, so this gun has more capacity than any other on this list. If you are not a fan of Glock, there is also the Springfield XD .45, which is almost the same thing except for a different safety arrangement. With a combination of accuracy, affordability, power, rate of fire, and good size, you can hardly beat a Glock 21 for a general purpose backwoods pistol.
Accuracy- *** Power- **** Concealability- *** Reliability- *****


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