The Tower

I sat on the rocking chair, legs crossed and swaying slowly. The room was dark. There was just enough sunshine to see the lighter shades of the wooden floors and shelves. A white beam of sunlight hovered through the small window on my left side. There was a chair in front of me, staring mindlessly and eternally at me. That chair was the only other piece of furniture in the whole cabin. I stared at my feet. My left foot, slung over my right, rubbed against its neighbor like a stallion nuzzling up to his mare. My arms were crossed and motionless, and had been that way for at least two hours.

I barely could recollect of how things had turned out this way. I vaguely remembered growing up in some small city somewhere on the East Coast, and taking the quickest train westward once I came of age. I did not have any friends to speak of, except a friendly girl with brown hair whom I had taken a liking to. I couldn’t remember much else except one thing– the sheer monotony of my life was made me leave it. The same thing over and over. I regretted that decision. I was not sure if it had caused my current predicament, but it sure was a good thing to blame for it anyways. I could picture the train and the station. Train number four. Then my memories went black.

The wind blew a long and lonesome call. I could hear the creaking of the house’s foundations. It made me nervous, although I had became accustomed to it over time. I felt a slight swaying in the house– just another typical event in my life.

Why was there nobody in my life? What had I done to deserve this? It was so hard to deal with. The last time I talked to another person was…

I do not know.

All I could remember was a grey, tattered memory of my childhood. At school, talking to my friend. The girl with brown hair. The green grass. I would give everything to see more green grass. Feel it in my hand. Take a handful of dirt. Throw it up in the air.

Just thinking about makes me sad.

Growing tired of sitting there and doing nothing, I stood up. My legs locked into place painfully. They were stiff from being straight for so long. The wind started to act up again. It made it hard to walk, and tough even to stand without falling over. The house moaned and swayed more and more. It sounded like a storm was coming. I took a step over to the window, just managing to not lose my balance and fall over, and looked outside.

There was a colossal black storm cloud in the sky, stretching over half of it and coming in quickly. It wouldn’t be more than five minutes until it arrived. I swallowed hard. Under it was a huge, steel blue expanse of ocean, which stretched out a thousand miles in every direction. I could see tiny little waves in the water, which probably were at least four feet high for anyone on the ground. Even though I told myself not to, I looked directly under me.   There was a sickening thousand-foot drop to the ocean. A fragile, needlelike column of rock barely supported the weight of the cabin. I could see it, just a foot in front of me. The outer wall of the cabin just skimmed the edge of the thousand foot high pillar. With the wind getting stronger, everything started to sway more and more. I could see the water getting more and more violent ahead of me. Soon, the storm would be here. I tried my best to get to the door. I ended up running into the other wall from the horrible movement of the house. Finally- I got to the door. I put my hand on the dirty brass doorknob and considered my options.

I made up my mind. Breathing slowly, I turned the knob, listened to the click of the bolt coming out of the wall, and swung the door open. The wind gusted right into my face violently. I took a step onto the shiny rock of the precipice. There was only a small, circular area of rock before the drop. I moved slowly, trying not to fall from the random gales of wind.

I hung my feet over the edge. Just looking down made me want to throw up. I stared at the sky and saw vicious lightning blasts in the approaching storm cloud. I held my breath. My feet were moved slowly by the gusts as they dangled off the rock.

I pushed myself off the ledge and flew through the air. My eyes watered in mid-air. I couldn’t see anything, but I could feel my stomach drop faster and faster every second. There was a cannon-like splash as I finally hit the water.

Falling through the blue ocean, I found myself unable to think. I just stared at the fish, quickly swimming away from me, and the darkening layers of water above me. I did not stand a chance of swimming up and getting to air. I descended more and more, and the water above me turned navy blue then black. I spun around, and what I saw underneath me defied my comprehension. The water was getting lighter and lighter. First, a dark ultramarine, then a turquoise, then a light sky blue. I swam as quickly as I could towards the lighter water.

Suddenly, I burst through the top of the water and saw a beach full of tourists, sunbathing and swimming happily. Behind them rose large buildings and high-rise apartments. There was a loud bustle of talking and kids playing. The sky was blue and bright. A woman standing in the water next to me had a surprised look on her face as she saw me. On land, I could just make out a sign a hundred yards away– it said “MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA”


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