Sometimes, slower is better.

Well, although I am somewhat of a fan of pump-action shotguns and semi-auto rifles, I have quite a bit of old-fashionedness in me. Like wearing overalls, riding horses, listening to bluegrass from the 30’s, lighting the house with oil (awl) lamps sort of old-fashioned. That’s why I like these guns. They’re also cheap. (young people nowadays care way more about cheap stuff than any generation since the Great Depression.)

So let’s get started. Here’s a list of current-production traditional guns, where you don’t have to worry about rust and worn out barrels. (used ones are great too, though! 🙂

1. H&R Handi-Rifle

They used to make more useful rifles, in my opinion. I don’t even think they make a 30-30 iron sight one anymore. But the Buffalo Classic is a 45-70 and it won’t break the bank, AND it has those cool old iron sights. Drool. H&R makes a lot of different rifles, although they’re all single-shots.

2. Pietta Confederate Navy Revolver

These are black-powder revolvers with brass frames. They’re made pretty well, although they won’t take as much powder as the steel-frame pistols. Best thing is that their price is about $180. If you don’t like messing around with loading lead, powder, and caps separately, cleaning guns a lot, or using it as a wall-hanger, it isn’t a good fit for you. However the Confederate Navy revolver can be used as a cap-gun, a very uncommon feature 🙂

3. Stoeger Coach Gun double shotguns

I love the variety on these. They’re also nice and compact and good for home defence. (plus they’re mighty intimidating) Or cowboy action shooting. They make single-and double trigger models I like the double trigger because you can put a slug in one and birdshot in the other and hunt two things at the same time. I think they cost about $500-600.

4. A bit pricier and more elaborate- uberti rifles

Most interesting is the Rolling Block Hunter Carbine. (single shot rifle) It’s a great looking rolling block with iron sights. Darn. Wish I had one. Comes in 45-70, 30-30, 38-55 (wtf?), 22, 22 mag, and .17.

5.  Rossi Single Shot Shotgun

$130. There are a few nice single shotguns out there. I like ’em cause they’re light and cheap and reliable. They are cheaper when purchased on Cheaper Than, it seems.

OR  H&R Topper Deluxe Classic Shotgun. More $ but better sights and ribs and a longer tradition of making these models of shotguns.

Tell me what y’all think.


What do you think?

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