Crosman 1377 and 1322 reviews



Short review:

accuracy- *****    capacity- *

value- *****         loading speed- *

reliability- ****  

Long Review:

Three years ago, I learned how to shoot with my trusty Crosman 1377. I had actually started the summer before with a Daisy Model 25, but the Crosman was my first pistol and it taught me a lot more about marksmanship. You cannot make any mistakes with a pistol without immediately seeing the bad results. I shot all winter and became pretty good, even with frozen hands. However, when things warmed up, I could shoot even better.

The Crosman 1377 is a multiple-pump single shot .177 caliber pellet gun. (not bb gun) You can pump it from 2-11 times, although it says 3-10 times on the box. Do not pump it one time. (see note 1) It is not semi automatic. It needs to be loaded every time you shoot it. Also, you never need to buy Co2 for it because it is man-powered.

To shoot, pump the gun up, open the breech until it clicks, place a pellet in with the front facing forwards, close the breech, take the safety off, then pull the trigger. I always use the regular notch sight. The peep sight is better if you convert the gun into a rifle.

The Crosman 1377 is extremely accurate. Once it is sighted in properly, the only real limit to its accuracy is you. I’ve shot twigs in half with it, and small plate sized groups at 50 yards. Buying Meisterkugeln or Crosman pellets will improve accuracy somewhat. 

  For cleaning, see note 2 at the bottom.

Crosman 1377 link


I just got one of these. They seem very similar to 1377s, except the ammo is heavier, slower, and bigger. This one is better for hunting but more expensive to buy ammo for. I thought it had a really good trigger.  The only thing about the .22 caliber is that it has a less flat trajectory compared to .177 caliber. Basically, if I were learning how to shoot, I would buy the 1377, and if I were more experienced or into hunting or home defence, I would buy a 1322. (aside from being intimidating, it doubles as a club. Lol.)

1322 link

note 1: If you get a pellet stuck in your gun, take a wire coat hanger and twist it straight. Open the breech and shove it down the muzzle until the pellet pops out. Dry fire the gun and then fire it with ammo. Never use one pump. I tried it a few times but gave up when it jammed too often.

note 2: Cleaning instructions are in the box, but basically, oil the moving parts of the pump mechanism without taking the gun apart. Only use a drop of oil every few hundred shots. It’s easy to over-oil the gun and that can be bad. You don’t need to clean the barrel but make sure to never damage the crown of breech of it.


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