10 Reasons Why you should Sew

Sewing is traditionally for girls only, but I have found it to be useful for almost everything, including very manly things like leather vests, wallets, fixing Carhartts, etc…

So here’s a little kick in the butt to get started in case you don’t know how to sew yet. 

1. Buttons fall off. A lot. If you can stick them back on even better than originally, they’ll never fall off again. 

2. Handkerchiefs, utility cloths, and Bandanas are extremely easy to make, useful to own, and good small gifts.

3. Making your own clothes lets you control their durability, style, and gives you a lot of satisfaction and skill

4. You can tailor or improve clothes for special uses, like going through dense woods or having durable knees so they don’t wear out so quickly.

5. Regular jeans can turn into monsterously durable work pants if you add more heavy denim to the inside of the leg with that iron-on-netting stuff. (especially the new Wranglers, which are already really durable)

6. Fixing small rips and tears.

7. It’s a traditional, introspective activity good either alone or with other people, and it lets you hone your creative side and learn life lessons like patience and determination.

8. It’s a lot of fun picking out different needles and threads. 

9. People will think you’re really cool if you make something unusual that you can’t find anywhere else. You might even be able to sell it. 

10. You can make curtains, tablecloths, quilts, and other house furnishings that are unique and high quality.

Tell me what you think! Do you have anything to add?


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