How to deal with Crows

I have always known crows to be a nuisance, especially to corn farmers, but I’ve never seen the damage they cause first-hand until recently. They are so smart that they will actually have a sentry guard posted around the house of their victim. If the person tries to catch the crows, or shoot them, or even walk towards what the crows are eating, they will actually squak and rat out the person. Then all the crows fly away, unscathed.

There are a lot of folk remedies to crows, like scarecrows, shiny things, and other things I haven’t heard of yet. Maybe some of them work, but the method I have just seen seems to be the best.

Basically, someone lays down with a .22 or similar rifle and waits. Eventually, the crows will return to the feed/corn/food and act normal. Then the person shoots one. I’m not done. Lol

Ever watch a cannibal movie? You know how it scares people when they put a head on a post as a warning? Tells them to stay away?

Just hang the dead crow up on a post pretty close to the feed (downwind of it). The others will know that that’ll happen to THEM if they try to eat…


Works a good bit better in the winter, though. Otherwise you’ll have to take the crow down pretty quick.


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