How to make the most durable jeans in the world.

Being somewhat of an outdoorsman, I am definitely into durable clothes. Recently, I’ve discovered a way to make super durable jeans. (also works on overalls, though) There are two ways to do it- the nice looking way and the strange looking way. It’s pretty easy to do this, you don’t even need a sewing machine. I’ve walked around woods with thorns everywhere, and they won’t penetrate the legs of my jeans because of this trick.


Start with a good pair of jeans. New ones are best, and the legs should have a little extra room so they don’t get too small after you improve them (only if you’re using the fancier method, though) Here are my best ideas:

#1. Wrangler Premium Performance Cowboy Cut (in prewashed, since it’s heavier denim)

#2. RIGGS workwear jeans (in blue)

#3 Levi’s 501’s (medium stonewash, since it’s the heaviest denim)

#4 Roundhouse Made in USA jeans 

“Nice looking Way”  Steps:

1. Buy the jeans or use used jeans. Make sure, again, that there is a little extra room in the inside of the leg.

2. Get about a quarter yard of 12 oz denim at joann fabrics or somewhere like that. Also buy the same amount of “iron on webbing’ to stick it to your jeans. They’ll help you buy that.

3. Turn the jeans inside out, and following the instructions on the iron on webbing, iron on the 12 oz. denim to the FRONT of the INSIDE of the jean legs. Where your knees are, but all the way to the bottom and up to the crotch. Have someone knowledgable in ironing do this if you aren’t very good at it. My grandma helped me.

Optional: Also add denim to the back of the legs. I’ve never done this though. You might want lighter denim for the back.

4. Let sit a while. Optional: Hand sew the bottom of where the denims meet, by your feet. You can do that with the top too.

5. Turn outside-out and admire the fact that you know have jeans with 26 oz. legs. The knees will never wear out.

Method #2, the ugly method:

Same as method #1, except you put the denim on the outside of the legs, instead of the inside, so you can see it. It’s easier, but looks stranger. If the jean legs are already sort of skinny, this method doesn’t constrict them any more.


What do you think?

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