The (theoretical) Best Truck Ever!

I love trucks. But there doesn’t really seem to be a “perfect” truck, hence this post. I’m a big International Harvester fan, so this’ll show up there.   🙂     It’s meant more as a fun truck and off road truck. Not really as a race truck, mud truck, tower, or super hauler. I would make those too but I’m not sure if I have the time. Tell me what your perfect truck would be in the comments section!

The Best Truck Ever


1967 Chevy body in bright red or maroon. “2 lift kit, maybe change the suspension. With an actual bumper installed. Probably short bed.

20″ wheels with BFG All-Terrain  or Wrangler SilentArmor  tires.

350 small block engine (300 hp)

Stick shift with International Harvester or magic 8 ball shift knob. Probably 4X4.

Brown leather interior.

Extra crazy crap that’s almost impossible:

Range selector with 2 ranges. Shifter with 4 gears and reverse.

Tractor accelerator next to the steering wheel for cruise control

Sliding double brakes so you can brake only one wheel if you want and spin in circles

Purple headlights or high beams


What do you think?

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