Perks of Farming

John Deere    IH     Case    Allis-Chalmers   Ford     CAT   New Holland  White

1. It’s a way different feeling and way more variety than an office job. Also, probably better for you. Why. More. 

2. You are your own boss.

3. You get to drive huge machines with diesel engines.

4. You get to be outdoors all the time in the fresh air.

5. You can be proud knowing that even if people complain about you,

they’re doing so with their mouth full of YOUR food, odds are!

6. You can pee wherever you want.

7. You’re doing something which has sustained mankind for 7000+ years.

8. You get fresh, high-quality food cheap.

9. You get a lot more fit and usefully strong. 

10.    \—>   girls like that. (hmmm. Guys don’t mind farm girls, either)

11. You’ll have a lot of interesting conversations with non-agricultural friends and will teach them a lot. 

12. Overalls!

Cow/Horse Specific:

13. You get to be around animals all the time, which is definitely good for people.

14. You’ll smell nice. (other people may disagree! 😉

15. You’ll not be very afraid of people, since you can easily deal with a 1200lb animal with a lot more muscle than any person. 

16. You’ll learn a lot of first aid and vet skills just from experience. 

Crop Specific:

17. You can wear Case/IH or John Deere hats and have firsthand experience knowing exactly why they’re so great.

18. You get a lot of land to snowmobile on, make snow castles on, snowshoe on, shoot on, or whatever else you can only do with a lot of space. 

19. Winters off!

20. Fresh corn… Mmmm… 

What’s your favorite color tractor?


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