What colors should work clothes be?

I’m pretty obsessed with workwear, so I looked again at Carhartt’s website and all their colors. My favorite are Carhartt Brown (horse farm brown) and Red. (Alabama) However, if I had a clothing company, I would take a way more honest approach to colors. You would simply buy the color that is most likely to stain and ruin your work clothes. For example, if you dig around in the grass a lot, then you would get Grass colored pants and a Manure colored jacket. (which is the same color as dirt, by chance)

Take a look.

Chalk white: hydrated lime, chalk, any other white powders. Nearly white but slightly tan.


Dust Tan: The same color as the ever-present nuisance barn dust. I’ve seen some stuff that must of had at least an inch of dust on it.


Grass: Explains itself. Anything on your knees or crawling should make this necessary.


Manure brown: mix of horse and cow manure color.


Oil Black: Good for welding, mechanics, anything else mechanical.


To be fair, companies have already used some of these colors. Carhartt uses Oil Black, Manure Brown, and Dust Tan, but they call it Dark Brown, Carhartt Brown, and Weathered. (in order) The main difference is that my method makes it easy to select the clothes you buy based on your job and its particular stains.

Should I add any colors?


What do you think?

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