Review of Dickies and Craftsman bib overalls

#1: “Old style” Craftsman overalls (2011)

I’ve worn these for a long time and they are really comfortable. I doubt I own any item of clothing as comfortable as these overalls, actually. They have regular pockets on the bottom and two small pockets in the bib with a pen pocket in between. They are discontinued now and have been replaced by the “new style” Craftsman overalls. My only complaint is that the denim is not very durable and will start to fray slightly after a lot of washings. The hardware is actually brass but coated with gray.

#2: “New Style” Craftsman overalls (2o14)


They changed a bit from the old style. Now, there is a zippered pocket on the bib, with a worse design than Dickie’s zippered pocket because it has less room. Instead of two small pockets on the bib, now there is only one. The hardware is now dark silver and the denim is darker too. I think the new denim is more durable but also less comfortable.

#3: Dickies bib overalls


Dickies makes the least comfortable overalls of the three but they use the most long-wearing denim and have the most protection. Their zippered bib pocket is better than the new Craftsman one’s. Otherwise, the pockets are the same. Dickies uses red and blue in their color scheme, making the overalls have a more urban appearance than the very rural-looking Craftsman bibs.  They appear to have changed the pocket, judging from the Amazon link, to the old Craftsman style pocket. I’m not sure, though.


All three pairs are triple-stitched and $30-40, although the old ones would have to be bought used.


What do you think?

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