Why Massey Fergusons are awesome

I should mention foremost that I am not exactly a “tractor expert”, but I have worked on dairy and horse farms and been to a fair share of tractor shows and tractor/truck pulls.

Massey Ferguson started in 1847 and started making tractors after World War II. Their old tractors have a pretty good reputation.

Rather recently, Massey Ferguson was bought by Agco, who owns other companies as well and also makes Agco-branded tractors, which are orange. Nowadays there are a lot of parts for the newer Massey tractors and they’re interchangeable often with the other Agco brands.

With the big feud between John Deere and Case IH, both brands are constantly getting trashed. I have, however, never heard anyone complain about Massey Fergusons, though. Maybe that means something.

Paint Color Codes

Used Massey Fergusons

Used Masseys are quite cheap. They have more parts available than obscure brands but are more affordable than John Deeres and have good quality unless they’ve been maintained poorly. (like just about anything)

My farm uses two Massey Fergs, and they used to have an orange Agco. The only reason the Agco didn’t last longer was that it was abused terribly at high speeds on the road and forced to run over a front loader box twice, or something of the like. The current tractors are 120 and 180 HP four-wheelers. My favorite is the 180 HP since it has slightly better controls and shifting, but they are both very nice. They run well and are easy to maintain and fix.


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