Stick shift or automatic?

My new phonetic English blog talking about car transmissions.

Phonetic English

For a number of yeers now, I hav been wondering weather it is better to drive with a stick shift or automatic transmishin. I’ve herd the argumints for stick oftin, that stick givs mor control and lets yu choose better how to drive. Volkswagen* cars always last forever in manual, whereas autos seem to spew parts everywhair. Also, stick is harder to steel and peeple you don’t want to drive it are not abul to. It’s a hard desizhin.

Automatics ar eezier and safer to drive. I kno becuz my dad always stalls his new Focus in the middul of the rode. He is supposed to b a good driver, too! Ha. It’s becuz the Focus is a new car and he is used to the old one. I suppose, considering all the benefits and drawbacks of both tipes, I’ll just git whatever is availible and in better shayp.

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