Canada vs. America: Round 2 Fight!

The North:

in America, the North includes Alaska and possibly Minnesota. Alaska is an amazing place with many similarities to the Yukon except that it is slightly more Russian and father west. However, it does not compare to the size of the Canadian north.

in Canada includes the Yukon Northwest Territories Nunavut Quebec and also the tops of Ontario, Saskachewan, and Manitoba. These places have little law enforcement, super varying hours of sunlight, mosquitoes, harsh terrain, -50* cold, flies, and some of the toughest people around, since they can survive in such harsh lands. The Canadian North varies from pure ice in Nunavut to subarctic in the Southern Yukon.


America started the round quickly with a jab followed by a huge swinging right. Canada partially blocked the hook but was still hurt by it. Canada bounced back with no less than five big hitters in a row, of which America only blocked the first one. America got a black eye.

Previous Score was 3-2 America winning.

New score is 4-6 Canada winning.


What do you think?

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