Best Places in the US to Live (my opinion)

It seems that although there are thousands of pages of data on the different states, nobody has actually published any opinions of them! Therefore, to fill in the information gap, I am going to give my opinion of the best places in America to live. You’re welcome to comment and argue in the comment section! I know some people might be offended if their state is not on the list, so tell me why it’s great and I might revise its status.

*This post will be unabashedly biased because it is only my informed opinion, not the actual, objective truth. (if such a thing exists) Pretty much anywhere I have not been to will not be rated either positively or negatively because that is not fair.


New York:  Western NY has really great areas, like East Aurora, Cattaraugus Amish Country, Allegheny Park, and parts of Buffalo. NY city is way too fast-paced and crowded. Central NY is alright but seems to be missing some sort of spirit in most areas, which is hard to quantify but makes sense when I go there.


Pennsylvania: There are tons of different areas of PA that are interesting and unique. Hillbilly culture in the north, rural culture in the center, big cities and Amish country in the south, it’s hard to give an opinion of the entire state but there are some great areas in it. The Erie panhandle seems cold and devoid of much culture to me, that would be my least favorite part.

Maryland: The Maryland panhandle, on the other hand, is a nice spot. It’s slightly more moderate both politically and climateically than VA. Hagerstown MD seems like a great town. I have their Almanac.


West Virginia: The first time I went through it, it seemed rural, hilly, hillbilly, wild, and slightly scary. The second time it seemed pretty much the same except friendlier! I like it, there is definitely no lack of culture or individuality going on here! However, it doesn’t have the hearty, downhome feeling since it’s so wild.

Virginia: I have only been to Western Virginia, which is somewhat similar to West Virginia. It is more slow, conservative, and flat, though. Virginia is like a big garden and has a fabulous climate. I can see why people defended it so vigorously in the Civil War. Not a bad place to live.

North Carolina: By the time you get to NC, you are seriously in the South. The Smokey Mountains area has a more introverted, magical essence to it whereas the central part is more typically Southern and slightly more judgemental according to my experience. NC is one of my favorite Southern states overall.

South Carolina: If you think NC is the South, SC is even deeper in. It forgoes NC’s slight dualities in favor of just being Southern and rocklike. It’s a steady, polite, hot, slowed down state. Might be hard to live in if you’re from the North but it has a definitely charm. Sadly, Sherman burned a lot of old buildings down so it does not have the same historical atmosphere as Georgia.

Georgia: Georgia is green, SC is orange. Those are the prevailing colors. Georgia’s temperament feels more green as well, a little bit more structured and colonial than the Carolinas. The wilderness has a different feeling as well, with red clay and green vines and trees abounding.

Florida: Northern Florida has a mixture of semi-southern parts like Ocala, and very southern parts, like the Pensacola area. If you can stand the heat it seems like a decent place to live. Southern Florida is getting into dangerous territory, as it is actually tropical and has lots of scary wildlife. I would not recommend it.

Kentucky: KY is pretty awesome and unique, having its own identity. Although there are some very poor areas in the East, there is a lot of history and culture there as well. The center has the Lexington area which is paradise for horse owners.

Tennessee: A little bit more in the past than KY culturally. TN people are the most polite in the whole country. The climate is great, although the people and towns can be mixed from my opinion.




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