I’m publishing another book soon!

I have been working on a project secretively for a long time and this is the first public post about it.

The project is a compilation of short stories, but not just a clumsy copy-and-pasting of them, it is instead a well crafted alchemical mix where each part has its own role to play in the whole recipe.

One of the major themes in the book is the difference between the geographical parts of the USA.

I am working on the second draft right now, and will give more updates as the project progresses.


There is a poll below if you would like to give some insights.

Here is a poll if you would like to help with the book:

1. What is you favorite geographical area of the US to read about? (prairie, desert, New England, Deep South, etc)

2. Would you prefer to spend $4.00 on medium-quality binding or $5.00 on high-quality binding?

3. Are page numbers necessary in a 75-page book?


3 thoughts on “I’m publishing another book soon!

  1. I’d prefer to read about a specific region (i.e. New England, Deep South, rather than just prairie or mountains); I say go for the $5 high quality binding and book numbers are necessary, if for no other reason than people like to get an idea what they’re getting into when they consider buying a book. Usually books without numbers indicate lack of substance, in my own opinion.

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