Observations on Beverages for sale in the USA

Here is a typical selection of beverages at a corner store:

First Cooler       Second Cooler     Third Cooler      Fourth Cooler     5th-7th Coolers

Coke, Pepsi            Arizona Iced Tea   Energy drinks       Milk, chocolate             BEER

7up, mtn dew      Gatorade              ….with coffee too     milk, orange juice

root beer, etc         plain ice tea           bizarre drinks            mint milk

I could go on complaining about every single one of these beverages. They are good sometimes, but not healthy, and all have one problem or another, or perhaps five. (in the case of mtn dew) Milk and orange juice are the safest bets of the bunch.

The bottom line is although healthy, high quality food and drinks are becoming slightly more common in this “post-blindconsumerism” country, they still have not infiltrated our corner stores and half of the grocery stores. They still rely mostly on pop, which is pretty much only good as a cleaner and can actually be more expensive when you buy less of it. (I’ve seen 2 litres for $1 and 16 ounces for $1.59 before.)

If I ran one of these stores, I would do things differently. It would not appeal to as many people at this point, but there would be a larger, more interesting selection. More types of drinks exist in the world than we would think, and they don’t need to be filled with HFCS, caffeine, brominated vegetable oil, or artificial colors.

My version:

First Cooler                    Second    Cooler                Third  Cooler

Seltzer Water                    Fentimans’ soda                    Karoun Yogurt Drink

Flavored Water                   aloe drink                             Local 4% milk

tea                                     Bragg apple-                            craft beer

protein drinks                      cider vinegar drink

Rice punch                               Kvass

orangina, izze


What do you think?

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