Clash of Clans; why it is so popular

Clash of Clans; why it is so popular

by River Stratkotter

Clash of Clans is an enjoyable and addictive multiplayer strategy game. It is enjoyable because of the high-quality gameplay where you get to attack other players and win trophies. Clash of Clans can also become extremely addictive, and is very popular worldwide, one of the top games in a number of different countries. 

As a player, you can pillage other people’s villages, take their loot, and aquire more trophies. Trophies are used as a symbol of status within the game. You can upgrade your buildings, village, and townhall to unlock new buildings and defenses. I find these aspects very exciting while playing the game. Sometimes, upgrading can take days. 

Clash of Clans, for better and for worse, can become a highly addictive game. Most people find attacking other people’s villages to be very exciting and frenetic. Another addictive aspect is that it is difficult to get enough loot to upgrade something newly-bought. The adrenaline rush brought on by the game’s mechanics and upgrading system has made many players spend up to thousands of dollars on the game. 

It has very good ratings on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Another way to see how popular the game is would be looking at how many total clans there are. (a number in the tens of thousands, and each clan can have up to fifty people) One reason for the game’s popularity is because it is free to download. Combined, all these factors make the game very popular. 


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