What’s it like living with no electric lights?day2

The day started very pleasantly and I woke up an hour and a half earlier than usual. It felt like I had been sleeping under the stars, and I felt much more refreshed than usual. 🙂
1 day, 0 hours: Since I’ve been at some other places, I’m not noticing the lack of lights too much. In the day it’s not much of an issue anyhow and only one room doesn’t have a window. Guess what the solution is? Good old-fashioned ingenuity: when you’re in that room, leave the door 3 inches open. Simple.
Taking the trash out after it got dark was only half as scary as it usually is. It felt extremely bright outside!
1 day, 3 hours: watching Danish cartoons on the internet. Read an old book about the Yukon Territory in the wild days called This Was the North earlier. Evidently someone found a gold vein 15 miles up from a village but too much water came back too quick and he couldn’t get it all and he never found it again. It may still be there. I feel as if I’m in Scandinavia with the snow everywhere.


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