For He Was A Cossack Novel

I have finally published the first edition of my Russian historical novel For He Was A Cossack! It has been a long road, consisting of day after day of careful line-pouring and lightning edits and proofreads.

But it is done, at least enough to finally let others read!

Seize the opportunity, comrade, for my book is on sale!

-Azure James

"Amidst personal and economic tragedies, horseman Ivan Shostakov tries to keep his 
life and house intact while also fighting for his country. 
To expound the situation, family relationships are being pushed to the breaking
point and Tsar Peter I is keen on Europeanizing Russia, torturing everyone, 
and squelching the Cossack culture of Southern Russia. A large-scale novel of
action and solitude, romance and conflict, spanning the vast territories from
golden steppe to cold northern forest in Finland and Siberia, For He was a Cossack
is an enthralling read."

What do you think?

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