Mistranslation Adventures: Letters from Irina 2

Mistranslation Adventures: Letters from Irina 2, Hawaii

Hello dear friends!
I am hoping to find someone to talk to on a more consistent basis from this letter. We’ll see how it works.
Finally found the right toothbrush.
I promised the company I work for that today I would test the quality of the materials in their new tent.
But now I am done with that and am on the beach.
Now this is a popular beach!
The spirits of the Waikikis are actually with me, and I decided to take off because they are terrifying.
I have found at last the optimal location for life. I want to live, and because the
farrier is here it’s a good place to keep my horse.
But mail that high humidity out of here!
Here’s the latest poem I wrote:

O America,
How could you live for long if the sun was captured?
In case of such a theft on a national holiday?
Every day you at least would want to get outside!

Why would you want to live in Hawaii? Unreal beautiful nature, but it’s gone.

It’s because of all the mineral and lithium mining here.
Why does humanity do such things?
I used to be a teacher, but the Kiedis birds undermined my career. And you hear
of penalties for that stuff now!
I like the warm theatres in Hawaii. They’re great places for sunbathing. But
only for beginning that process.
Did you know that all human life is written about in Kiev’s newspaper on May 7?
I bet you didn’t. I learned that when I was young.
80% of the time it only takes $86 to fly to Hawaii. We have no choice regarding
this. It leads to a constant influx of tourists. 😦
Che Guevara is an example of how people are cool.
Perhaps to those who do not repent the best can happen!
Talk to you later.

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