Mistranslation Adventures: Letters from Irina 3

Mistranslation Adventures: Letters from Irina 3,

Hello friend:

I am happy to receive your correspondence. Your name is John, is it not?
Nice to meet you. I received your letter and you seem like a pretty cool person.
I recently resumed my old position at work. This night broadcast evening shift
is spent in such a strange way. Coupe piercing test issues and a more and more
higher and higher result.
It is scary.
Eventually we will figure out how to make a coupe which is not wrecked so easily.
But this is snow. And I think, I now very much hope that the terminal
may be next week. Everything will be ready soon.
But because of the oldest problem, it turned it all wrong… Our first AI that
Anatoly Glaz designed has always had issues, but it’s getting even worse now.
All it had to do was connect the experience of an out and calculate the
percentage of mouton wool, bone etc… on the ground, before it killed three
workers and escaped!
We have not found nor captured it yet.
This process should not be so hard, like applying for a loan!
Workers here would dream of October because it is very much not a burden.
Alas, it is only July.
Also, we designed a machine learning the Russian language. It can remember
things somebody else already tried to say but forgot.

Remember The Community? Their idea was right, something about making money by
selling buttons. It’s very difficult though. Here where I live is the same
failure of traders. I’m not just complaining about The Community because their
trolleybuses do not work. (Such a terrible story you know. A hell of a trolley, my friend.)

You’ve only seen one of my poems before. Here is my newest poem.
I’m sure you’ll like it.

“It is very difficult to be difficult.
Islam is a good weekend.
Cool springs country is behind me.
But it’s intensive work to be still open.
And what is most interesting–
is that I have now a luxury that I cannot afford.”

I am glad that you have no questions now that you know very well what I have to say.

p.s– Add me on COD 5. I will try to go as often as possible and stay alive.

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