Letters from Irina 8

Letters from Irina 8, The Curse:

Hello guy.

It’s nice you’ve been alone for more than a week.
Because of the recent USD accidents, America thinks the Russians are tinkering with their currency. Funny little story.
I have bad news.
JSC hurt his left knee in a battle with the police and someone gave him a food gift but Jeff, (what an evil person) cast a curse on him!!
Don’t panic if you don’t understand and you think it’s normal that he got this curse for the lower knee. And don’t worry about mistakes when after at least 10 more times reading you understand more.
At least it’s not lung cancer. But this is very important. Write me soon and pray for him to improve very quickly.
I guess a few other things are going on as well. Anatoly Glaz is studying a lot and writing a book called “how to get economical cybernetics”. He reads three texts everyday 33-34 times to research for it.
I finally made a statement to Tia, and said “Wow, your car is nice.”
Also, I found a website which give people $4 for free.
Got some strange news from my family. I did not know my sister was going to clubs, but it’s been verified. I do not know. It’s not reason enough to impose a rule, I guess…

Here’s today’s poem:

French philosophers play sports so there is no fear
why not engage in water time?

and why are you trying to pretend that you want
Almost a third of the Internet?

I guess that’s all. I’m worried about JSC though.

I can’t believe you said to me,
“I love her like glue tanachi hang.”
Thank you!
Love you too,
Irina 🙂


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