Letters From Irina 7

Letters From Irina 7, AI/JSC troubles

Dear Friend:
Please tell me a little bit about the main character where you’re from.
No, I do not remember Man Dimon.
Things have not been going so well…
Cyprus and Malta have hit the brakes because their group factories have been
failing to stimulate the economy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they
fall apart before long.
On August 14 the new cop shot some random guy and threatened the safety of area residents. When fighting broke out, JSC ran away from home and got
a leg injury. He was helped by experienced comrades though.  😦

My work has been going okay.
Sacha is rolling Arcadia cartridges. I am not sure what he plans to do with them.
One of our PPP projects, my main job right now, is pretty crazy:
We study to find used grenades from Soviet times. It removes many inconvenient victims.
We need helpers this time, only two though.
My boss Mr. Dollars reduced my salary. Removing pay is uncomfortable.  😦

Do you remember that AI which escaped and killed some of
my co-workers? Chernenko Yushchenko was thought of as the product design officer
for it, so he may take some of the blame.
We keep a large room full of files of all our unsuccessful projects.
Machine set fire to several of these failure cases. 27 out of 72.
Let’s let the hackers set in motion a plan to remotely disable it!

My poem today is pretty short:

I know that we shall smoke.
I cannot be denied.
This is a demonic realm in which to smoke a pipe.

When inside this bread
i find myself in the soup.

What do you think?
Get back to me whenever you feel like it.
And even if nothing major is new, I am not worried.
I want to change people. You gotta have dreams.
Let’s allocate vessels for drinking!
Love you,

p.s– Here is so intense, incidentally, body massage!


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