Letters from Irina 10

Dear Friend:
A war has started close by to here I have been watching on the news and seen some of it firsthand.
The footage needs no comments. It is a human rights violation playground.
One of the documentary men said “We have  to show it all and much leftovers about how people live on water, what they think about, what is happening in them.”
The vast majority of this city is gangs.
There were preparations for half a year.
The insurgents were practicing throwing people and technology in order to skip people on concrete and when they figured out how to do that, they attacked.
A very stupid unknown gunman fired upon a helicopter  pad 3 kilometers from a boutique. An atheist was wounded.
In  another attack, riot police were ambushed and the gunmen killed more than ten including the dog person Oleg Rumizhak.
They interviewed a Russian general who said:
“I am pleased with my unit. But not only do they not discuss the order but they do not violate the
instructions either.”
We have had one victory at least. Our forces captured militants in a picturesque valley but
young lieutenant commanded a direct fire and shot them all against his permission.
‘Tis fine with me.
I still managed to write a poem:
I heard you and your Golden Opera
well some things speak for themselves
deepening is completed.
Like all your relationships.

I am going to leave the city tomorrow.
We will see if I can manage another letter.
Wish me luck.


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