Letters from Irina 9

Dear Friend:
My life has been crazy in Russia.
I was driving my Lada car and I saw two men way ahead of me walking under a traffic light,
then a bomb blew up under them and they went flying.
Damned terrorists!
This oblast I live in has such bad roads that people have pothole competitions daily to see
whose car will break first. I tried a few times but never won. Didn’t break my car either at least.
News from work– Glaz’s AI is demanding for the release of more robots, but nothing has even been promised to the machines.
Russia is a terrible place.
It’s not easy to believe in completely general empty promises.
I was at a party and Boris was there and drank so much rum that he said out of the blue
“Tomorrow– spaceship.”
Champagne would not say such things.
JSC has exhausted himself. I think he will probably die soon.
How horrific.


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