Why do different musical scales have unique emotions?

I’ve been thinking lately about musical scales and their relation to psychology. Most people would agree with each other that every type of musical scale (major/minor, et c) has its own unique qualities. Considering that, I’ve started a series of posts on the matter on my new music blog. So far, I’ve done Major, Natural Minor, Dorian, and Harmonic Minor, but I plan to do all the modes soon and have a comprehensive set of scales used in Western music.
One interesting facet of this is that there is actually a continuum between major and minor, something that Jacob Collier has explored. Basically, there is actually something more major than major (the Lydian mode), and something more minor than minor, (the Phrygian mode.) That is really a much different method of looking at music theory than the more typical Baroque method of just major and minor. (except for Bach, who was quite old fashioned at that time)

I hope you enjoy the posts!

Thanks for reading!

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