My new manga webcomic, Desoulator

I have been working feverishly hard on a comic on Line Webtoon, called Desoulator.

Desoulator Chapter 2 (part 2)_001

“Best friends Zebko Fernandor (a genius engineer), and cylinder-haired Elgart Huffley find the notorious Arbiro Kidnapper by chance one day and learn of him using a machine to convert human souls to power. Capturing and bringing him to justice, however, is much more difficult than they first expected.”

It’s a historical/mystery/adventure genre, not totally fantasy but not taking place on our world either, I suppose the closest thing to it would be on Earth but in a parallel universe.

One of the most difficult things about manga and comics is that instead of doing a few pieces of art for illustrations or fun, you have to draw characters hundreds of times, keeping them looking the same and making sure the story’s interesting. It can be a daunting task with a lot of work involved.

I have put up chapters 2 and 3 so far, and am working on chapter 1, (it will be up if you’re reading this a while after it’s been published) I know it’s backwards but I wanted to rewrite all of Chapter 1 so that it combines better with the later ones.

Thank you!


Desoulator, Line Webtoon


my new album

I have created my first music album— an experimental piece featuring analog Moog synthesizers among a few other instruments.

“Raw music played on Moog synths and other instruments. I am to create a unique world in every song and try to use the rough, limitless and somewhat imprecise nature of analog synths to that end.”
released March 31, 2017

For He Was A Cossack Novel

I have finally published the first edition of my Russian historical novel For He Was A Cossack! It has been a long road, consisting of day after day of careful line-pouring and lightning edits and proofreads.

But it is done, at least enough to finally let others read!

Seize the opportunity, comrade, for my book is on sale!

-Azure James

"Amidst personal and economic tragedies, horseman Ivan Shostakov tries to keep his 
life and house intact while also fighting for his country. 
To expound the situation, family relationships are being pushed to the breaking
point and Tsar Peter I is keen on Europeanizing Russia, torturing everyone, 
and squelching the Cossack culture of Southern Russia. A large-scale novel of
action and solitude, romance and conflict, spanning the vast territories from
golden steppe to cold northern forest in Finland and Siberia, For He was a Cossack
is an enthralling read."

The Grey Road is available for sale!

I have just finished my second novel, The Grey Road! I am very excited. Click on the link to see it on the publishing website, Lulu.

The Grey Road: Royce Macduff is in a small-time but pretty infamous gang called the Rowman Posse. However, his easy life changes when an event occurs involving the leader’s friend Johnny Pellette. Royce finds himself riding the Grey Road between criminality and innocence in order to survive. (first edition which may include mistakes)

This is a limited-time first edition, which may include mistakes.

The Grey Road is super close to being out!

My new Western novel “The Grey Road” is about to be finished! I will be releasing a first edition of it in time for New Year’s. It has been a long ride and I am happy to finally start sharing it with people. It is my second novel. (the first one is called Vengeance Trail)

Any fans of Westerns, the South, Texas, or good reads may be interested.

Thank you all a lot! I’ll post it on here once it’s officially published.

Azure James

p.s- I spell “grey” in the English way because it looks more professional and just feels right.



I like grey.

Cast of Characters in my new Southern Stories

Living in West Virginia

Ralph Hopkins- Hunter, living alone. Slow.

Henry Pailler- Ralph’s married friend.


Living in Kentucky

Bobby Carson- Simple man living alone.

Christie Earnest- Married to Robert Randall.

Pam Earnest- Christie and Jesco’s mom. Good pie maker.

Jesco Earnest- Christie’s brother.

Matt Powell- Brothers with Joe Powell.

Joe Powell- Brothers with Matt Powell.

Robert Randall- Implant from Ohio. Married to Christie Earnest.



S.R news timeline of events (auto-updates)

Since there are already so many articles of S.R news, I thought it would be a good idea to summarize all the events that have happened since January. (which is a lot! The South Republic world moves quickly!)

January 2012

|  Dictatorship of Disguster massacred by Canadian Police.

|  Bob’s Fun Club and Republic of Moist are established.

| Dictatorship of Goddanged replaces Dictatorship of Disguster, and is even worse!!

| Name of newspaper changed from GLSR news to SR news.

| Dictatorship of Goddanged decimates Republic of Moist, only a few survive.

| Kingdom of Crinkle created.

|  Industrial giant Groinland Cutlery Company is established. 

V   Bob’s Fun Club and Kingdom of Crinkle battle.

February 2012

| Kingdom of Crinkle merges into Dictatorship of Goddanged due to damage.

|  Dictatorship of Goddanged loses war!

| South Republic and Groinland expand.

| Period of relative peace.

V Bob’s Fun Club changes to Fred’s Fun Club

March 2012

| Western Heritage event held

| Frank Kelspie wins mayoral election!

| Fred’s Fun Club in state of chaos

| String of murders in the South Republic

| Alcohol legalized in South Republic


April 2012

| Bob’s Fun Club becomes Joe’s Fun Club

| Joe creates new, totalitarian laws

| Several murderers at large

| Groinland plants roses

| Joe’s Fun Club merges w/ Secreter’s Country, becomes Joe’s Secret Club