my new album

I have created my first music album— an experimental piece featuring analog Moog synthesizers among a few other instruments.

“Raw music played on Moog synths and other instruments. I am to create a unique world in every song and try to use the rough, limitless and somewhat imprecise nature of analog synths to that end.”
released March 31, 2017

Description & Analysis of musical intervals (third/sixth/second et c.)

Interval            Consonance/Dissonance       Waveform                        Character
Unison             perfectly consonant                    simple                     plain
Second               dissonant                            quickly pulsating       wants to be resolved
Third                 consonant-                                pulsating            pleasant, richer
Fourth               consonant                                 stable                 pre-classical connotations,  sound slowly cycles
Fifth                   consonant+                              stable         classical connotation, halfway between tonic/dominant
Sixth                  semi-consonant                  pulsating     less frequently used, harder to identify, not simple like 5th
Seventh            dissonant                       pulsating quicker              wants to be resolved, unusual interval
Octave          perfectly consonant      more complex than unison,stable               richer than unison
Ninth            semi-dissonant                       pulsating                                   more pleasant than second
Tenth            consonant                                   stable                                     complex, somewhat similar to third, happy

Tuning Ratios for Just Intonation:

Unison= 1:1 Second=9:8 Third=5:4 Fourth=4:3
Fifth=3:2 Sixth=5:3 Seventh=15:8 Octave=2:1

(here is my new music blog which focuses on things similar to this.)

Review of Dickies and Craftsman bib overalls

#1: “Old style” Craftsman overalls (2011)

I’ve worn these for a long time and they are really comfortable. I doubt I own any item of clothing as comfortable as these overalls, actually. They have regular pockets on the bottom and two small pockets in the bib with a pen pocket in between. They are discontinued now and have been replaced by the “new style” Craftsman overalls. My only complaint is that the denim is not very durable and will start to fray slightly after a lot of washings. The hardware is actually brass but coated with gray.

#2: “New Style” Craftsman overalls (2o14)


They changed a bit from the old style. Now, there is a zippered pocket on the bib, with a worse design than Dickie’s zippered pocket because it has less room. Instead of two small pockets on the bib, now there is only one. The hardware is now dark silver and the denim is darker too. I think the new denim is more durable but also less comfortable.

#3: Dickies bib overalls


Dickies makes the least comfortable overalls of the three but they use the most long-wearing denim and have the most protection. Their zippered bib pocket is better than the new Craftsman one’s. Otherwise, the pockets are the same. Dickies uses red and blue in their color scheme, making the overalls have a more urban appearance than the very rural-looking Craftsman bibs.  They appear to have changed the pocket, judging from the Amazon link, to the old Craftsman style pocket. I’m not sure, though.


All three pairs are triple-stitched and $30-40, although the old ones would have to be bought used.

Why Massey Fergusons are awesome

I should mention foremost that I am not exactly a “tractor expert”, but I have worked on dairy and horse farms and been to a fair share of tractor shows and tractor/truck pulls.

Massey Ferguson started in 1847 and started making tractors after World War II. Their old tractors have a pretty good reputation.

Rather recently, Massey Ferguson was bought by Agco, who owns other companies as well and also makes Agco-branded tractors, which are orange. Nowadays there are a lot of parts for the newer Massey tractors and they’re interchangeable often with the other Agco brands.

With the big feud between John Deere and Case IH, both brands are constantly getting trashed. I have, however, never heard anyone complain about Massey Fergusons, though. Maybe that means something.

Paint Color Codes

Used Massey Fergusons

Used Masseys are quite cheap. They have more parts available than obscure brands but are more affordable than John Deeres and have good quality unless they’ve been maintained poorly. (like just about anything)

My farm uses two Massey Fergs, and they used to have an orange Agco. The only reason the Agco didn’t last longer was that it was abused terribly at high speeds on the road and forced to run over a front loader box twice, or something of the like. The current tractors are 120 and 180 HP four-wheelers. My favorite is the 180 HP since it has slightly better controls and shifting, but they are both very nice. They run well and are easy to maintain and fix.

Can you break an apple in half with your bare hands?

I never used to think it was possible easy to do. I don’t work out that much, but I do some farm work and lift some 20 lb weights. Either way, I tried breaking in apple in half with my bare hands today, expecting certain failure. For the first ten seconds, I heard some shifty sounds, like a glacier starting to melt. Suddenly a fissure appeared, spreading outwards from the middle of the apple. CRACK! 

I felt like Jean Valjean lifting the horse cart off someone at the beginning of Les Mis. You should try it sometime, it’s not that hard and it’s really impressive. All you have to do is stick your thumbs in the bottom of the apple and wedge it apart till it breaks, basically. 

What colors should work clothes be?

I’m pretty obsessed with workwear, so I looked again at Carhartt’s website and all their colors. My favorite are Carhartt Brown (horse farm brown) and Red. (Alabama) However, if I had a clothing company, I would take a way more honest approach to colors. You would simply buy the color that is most likely to stain and ruin your work clothes. For example, if you dig around in the grass a lot, then you would get Grass colored pants and a Manure colored jacket. (which is the same color as dirt, by chance)

Take a look.

Chalk white: hydrated lime, chalk, any other white powders. Nearly white but slightly tan.


Dust Tan: The same color as the ever-present nuisance barn dust. I’ve seen some stuff that must of had at least an inch of dust on it.


Grass: Explains itself. Anything on your knees or crawling should make this necessary.


Manure brown: mix of horse and cow manure color.


Oil Black: Good for welding, mechanics, anything else mechanical.


To be fair, companies have already used some of these colors. Carhartt uses Oil Black, Manure Brown, and Dust Tan, but they call it Dark Brown, Carhartt Brown, and Weathered. (in order) The main difference is that my method makes it easy to select the clothes you buy based on your job and its particular stains.

Should I add any colors?

Perks of Farming

John Deere    IH     Case    Allis-Chalmers   Ford     CAT   New Holland  White

1. It’s a way different feeling and way more variety than an office job. Also, probably better for you. Why. More. 

2. You are your own boss.

3. You get to drive huge machines with diesel engines.

4. You get to be outdoors all the time in the fresh air.

5. You can be proud knowing that even if people complain about you,

they’re doing so with their mouth full of YOUR food, odds are!

6. You can pee wherever you want.

7. You’re doing something which has sustained mankind for 7000+ years.

8. You get fresh, high-quality food cheap.

9. You get a lot more fit and usefully strong. 

10.    \—>   girls like that. (hmmm. Guys don’t mind farm girls, either)

11. You’ll have a lot of interesting conversations with non-agricultural friends and will teach them a lot. 

12. Overalls!

Cow/Horse Specific:

13. You get to be around animals all the time, which is definitely good for people.

14. You’ll smell nice. (other people may disagree! 😉

15. You’ll not be very afraid of people, since you can easily deal with a 1200lb animal with a lot more muscle than any person. 

16. You’ll learn a lot of first aid and vet skills just from experience. 

Crop Specific:

17. You can wear Case/IH or John Deere hats and have firsthand experience knowing exactly why they’re so great.

18. You get a lot of land to snowmobile on, make snow castles on, snowshoe on, shoot on, or whatever else you can only do with a lot of space. 

19. Winters off!

20. Fresh corn… Mmmm… 

What’s your favorite color tractor?

Amazing Overalls-selecting Flowchart

You can see farmers, construction workers, and even stars like Heidi Klum and (ugh) Justin Bieber wearing overalls. It seems like they have come back in style lately. 

But which overalls suit you best? I’ve created this handy overall flowchart to help you find out. I have included over 12 different brands and types. 

Start Here:

Are you looking at overalls for fashion or regular/work use?

click either       Fashion                    or                       Everything Else