My new manga webcomic, Desoulator

I have been working feverishly hard on a comic on Line Webtoon, called Desoulator.

Desoulator Chapter 2 (part 2)_001

“Best friends Zebko Fernandor (a genius engineer), and cylinder-haired Elgart Huffley find the notorious Arbiro Kidnapper by chance one day and learn of him using a machine to convert human souls to power. Capturing and bringing him to justice, however, is much more difficult than they first expected.”

It’s a historical/mystery/adventure genre, not totally fantasy but not taking place on our world either, I suppose the closest thing to it would be on Earth but in a parallel universe.

One of the most difficult things about manga and comics is that instead of doing a few pieces of art for illustrations or fun, you have to draw characters hundreds of times, keeping them looking the same and making sure the story’s interesting. It can be a daunting task with a lot of work involved.

I have put up chapters 2 and 3 so far, and am working on chapter 1, (it will be up if you’re reading this a while after it’s been published) I know it’s backwards but I wanted to rewrite all of Chapter 1 so that it combines better with the later ones.

Thank you!


Desoulator, Line Webtoon

I’m publishing another book soon!

I have been working on a project secretively for a long time and this is the first public post about it.

The project is a compilation of short stories, but not just a clumsy copy-and-pasting of them, it is instead a well crafted alchemical mix where each part has its own role to play in the whole recipe.

One of the major themes in the book is the difference between the geographical parts of the USA.

I am working on the second draft right now, and will give more updates as the project progresses.


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