Made in America

Quality is suffering. I suppose the invention of the assembly line was a good thing, but not everything we own should be from a factory. Especially from a factory in China. That’s why I try, every chance I get, to buy goods that are made in the USA. There’s not exactly an abundance of stuff made here anymore, but that number will only diminish unless we all start buying more.

Handmade objects (saddles, clothes, accessories, tools, etc.) are becoming quite scarce, or at least hard to find because they aren’t marketed well. However, all the money spent on them will stay local, instead of going to some CEO like it would if it was spent in Walmart (not like I’m trashing Walmart. Their gun section has a lot of domestic product in it, even though the rest of the store doesn’t). Amish men are known for making excellent cabinets, and I always try to support self-sufficiency.

At the moment, I don’t have much experience in handcrafting things, but from what I’ve done, I’ve learned that they have a lot more character and quality. There’s no way the economy is gonna get any better unless we start buying locally, from regular people. It may cost a few bucks more, but it will be worth it in the long run.