Can you still buy 100 watt incandescent/regular light bulbs?

Surprisingly/not surprisingly, incandescent light bulbs now illegal in the US. This is one of the only companies that still sell now-illegal incandescent light bulbs. I never thought they would ban something that has such a pleasant light spectrum, extra heating capability in the winter, and the 100-year tradition that regular light bulbs have, but there you go. That’s regulation for you…

Anyways, on a more pleasant note, a South Carolina business agrees with me, and they still make regular incandescent light bulbs, even the 100 watt ones which have been illegal for two years. The company is called AAMSCO.

Requests for fellow citizens

I know complaining about things doesn’t really help, but there are these horrible epidemics of behavior currently ravaging the country that people don’t hear enough about. So here are some requests for my fellow Americans to try to follow, for the good of everyone:

#1 unless you live in Alaska or Florida all year, PLEASE STOP COMPLAINING AND WHINING ABOUT IT BEING TOO HOT OR COLD. You don’t live in the Northwest Territories, and even people there rarely complain. And they have to deal with billions of mosquitoes. 

#2 stop whining about Obama unless you have important actual concerns. I know you hate him and you don’t have to post about him constantly every day. 

#3 Kids shows aren’t even worth watching anymore so try to avoid them or play something older and better for your kids. The PC police and computer animators have both wrecked most of the shows pretty badly. I grew up on Spongebob, old Sesame Street, loony Tunes, just about everything and I’m pretty smart (in my own way) and not violent. So there.

#4 Nobody can actually enjoy their lives anymore, because of a few huge phone companies. You either have to be either 1. on your phone, completely engrossed in your phone at every moment, ignoring the real people around you in return for nearly-useless electronic companionship OR 2. taking pictures of things all the time instead of feeling the real beauty of you life and appreciating that there are things you can only see once, even though they will live on in your memories. 

Tell me if you agree with any of this.

Political graph of all the countries!


I put all the micronations on this little graph. It represents the combined opinions of their citizens. For example, even though the South Republic has a party that agrees with Groinland, since nobody votes for it, it doesn’t make the South Republic have the same views as Groinland.

Comparing these nations to ones that really exist, the South Republic is like the USA, Canada is between the South Republic and Bob’s Fun Club, and Nazi Germany was a bit like the Dictatorship of Goddanged.

Judging from this graph, which country’s government do you like the most?