Do bugs have souls?

I was thinking about death, and taking comfort in the fact that most religions believe in eternal life of some kind. Although the body obviously dies, I have never felt that the soul ceases existence. That is good news, since once in a while I feel like death is probably totally permanent and complete, and you stop existing in any way after it. I suppose the great probability is that’s false.

Which leads me to the question I wonder often when I kill mosquitoes. Do bugs have souls? Do they have eternal life, or when they die are they dead forever? To make this even more extreme, when your body cells die are they gone forever, or do they have a soul too?

I’ll chew on it.

Canada vs. America: Round 2 Fight!

The North:

in America, the North includes Alaska and possibly Minnesota. Alaska is an amazing place with many similarities to the Yukon except that it is slightly more Russian and father west. However, it does not compare to the size of the Canadian north.

in Canada includes the Yukon Northwest Territories Nunavut Quebec and also the tops of Ontario, Saskachewan, and Manitoba. These places have little law enforcement, super varying hours of sunlight, mosquitoes, harsh terrain, -50* cold, flies, and some of the toughest people around, since they can survive in such harsh lands. The Canadian North varies from pure ice in Nunavut to subarctic in the Southern Yukon.


America started the round quickly with a jab followed by a huge swinging right. Canada partially blocked the hook but was still hurt by it. Canada bounced back with no less than five big hitters in a row, of which America only blocked the first one. America got a black eye.

Previous Score was 3-2 America winning.

New score is 4-6 Canada winning.

Canada vs. America: Round 1 Fight!


Canada is known for a number of signature foods. Most of them appear to be on the lower-class side, like salt meat, donairs (sort of like wraps), those Winnipeg crazy burgers, vienna sausages, and (arguably) poutine. Some places, especially in Quebec, make amazing gourmet poutine, so that depends. Mcdonald’s poutine is much better than expected, though!

I’ve noticed brambleberry pie and Saskatoon berries to be pretty popular in the West, and good as well. Butter tarts and pecan tarts are  popular and extremely good, although you have to be in the right type of bakery to find them. Macaroni and Cheese is called “Kraft Dinner” and is a staple for kids and Baptist church meals. Tourtière is a meat pie made out of venison or pork. Bannock is an old-fashioned pioneer bread roasted over a fire, although it has modern incarnations as well. There are more signature Canadian foods but these are an introduction, at least.

America has invented dozens and dozens of different homegrown dishes. Often a small geographical change will change the food culture significantly. For example, Ohio and Kentucky, though right next to each other, have Midwestern and Southern tastes. In the Northeast, Weber’s mustard, maple syrup, fish fries, Ted’s hot dogs, barbeque to some extent, and delicious New York pizza are popular. In the Southeast, apple pie, fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, collard greens, cornbread and sweet potato casserole. And BBQ, especially in South Carolina and Texas. Southern food is somewhat popular in the North as well. Waffle House, Huddle House, Bojangle’s Biscuits, KFC, and many other chains had their start in the South. 

The Midwestern staples are Blue Moon ice cream, Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, Coney Island Hot Dogs, various meat sandwiches, and BBQ (again).  White Castle and Wendy’s started in Ohio.

In the Southwest, there is a lot of good Mexican food, and Texas has its own style and a lot of variety. Don’t be surprised if you can’t eat it all, cause Everything’s Bigger in Texas. California similarly has amazing Mexican food and is known for good healthy food such as sushi and salad as well.


Canada started off well with a few well-aimed punches, some of which were blocked by America and others made it thorough his defences. Though battered somewhat, America was just getting started and gave Canada a large uppercut, appropiately in the jaw.  

America wins 3-2.

Round Two is coming up!

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